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What to set aside for your wedding photographer

Wedding detail photo of engagement ring and wedding band, bride's shoes, and lace veil.

Not sure on what to set aside for your wedding photographer to photograph as far as wedding day details? This guide will let you know everything you need to set aside. I suggest making a little area the night before the big day to place all these items so nothing gets missed and everything gets documented.

The wedding dress is one of the most important part of the wedding day detail photos. You would want to make sure that it is nice and steamed the day before. If you have a customized hanger, I would recommend going ahead and placing it on there, just so you don’t forget about it on the wedding day. Also if there is a robe you will be wearing, I would make sure to steam that as well since you will be photographed in it as you are getting ready.

The second thing to set aside are the accessories. That would include any veil, belt, or shawl that goes with the wedding dress. Also you would want to place any shoes you will be wearing aside as well. If you are planning on wearing a garter, I would set that aside with the rest of the accessories as well.

Another item to set aside is the engagement ring and both wedding bands. If there is a personalized ring box that the ring goes in, you can go ahead and place the ring in there. Also, if there is a pillow for the rings, I would set that with it as well.

Next up is any other jewelry that the bride will be wearing. This can include earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair pieces.

Also, if you will be wearing perfume that day, you can set the bottle of perfume aside as well. This will help you remember what scent you had on for your wedding day.

For the details for the groom, he would want to place aside any suit he will be wearing. He would also want to set aside his tie, shoes, belt, and watch. If he is wearing cufflinks, he can set that aside too. I’ve had many grooms had customized cuff links for this special day. The groom can also set aside his bottle of cologne as well to remember what scent he had on.

The invitation and program is something that is missed often. Make sure to set them aside. They are an important part of the wedding day story since they hold all the details.

I hope this was helpful in helping you determine what type of wedding day details to set aside. If you like these kind of wedding day tips, be sure to check out 10 Tips for Your Wedding Day.