Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Adriatica Village in Mckinney, TX is the perfect backdrop for this family session of four. I always love photographing families at this location because there are so many cute spots. For this session, Phuong did an awesome job picking out the outfits for her family of four. They matched perfectly with the beautiful surroundings.

This family is very near and dear to my heart. Phuong and her family are from New Orleans, LA, just like I am. We’ve known each other since the high school days. A few years after I moved to Dallas, Phuong also moved here. It was during that time in our “single days” that we became close friends. It would be a short lived time period for the both of us because we both got married a few years later. I always enjoy photographing her beautiful family. It has been so great to watch their family grow throughout the years.

Dung and Phuong has the two most adorable little girls. I love their matching dresses for this session and how all the colors of their outfit coordinated so well together.

The weather was so beautiful the day I shot this session since it had just gotten a little bit cooler in the mornings with fall just around the corner. I am so excited to share all the beautiful images from this Adriatica Village family session.

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