Dallas Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to shoot my first Laotian Wedding Ceremony in North Richland Hill, TX. The bride and the groom to be was Victor and Cecilia. They were the sweetest couple. The ceremony began with the groom and his family parading up to the door. Then they offer gifts in order to enter the home to get to his bride. After the groom and his family is able to enter the house, the ceremony officially begins. Each little part of the North Richland Hill wedding ceremony had a specific meaning to it. I loved being able to capture every little detail of it and learning about the meaning behind each gesture.

Their traditional ceremony attire was gorgeous. I especially loved all the accessories that goes with their traditional wear. The rich navy and gold were the perfect color combination to the look. After the ceremony, the couple snuck away with me for a portrait session at a nearby park in North Richland Hill.

There were so many beautiful images that I wanted to share from this special day that I had to break it into two blog post. I had such a great time capturing this beautiful couple. I hope you guys enjoy all the images from their special day!

Also, be sure to view part II of this blog post HERE for all images of Victor and Cecilia’s beautiful Laotian wedding portrait session!